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Working with Documents

Uploading Documents

Documents can be uploaded to the Portal for access by your accountant.

From the Documents screen   >select a Client from the drop-down list   >select Upload

This will will open file explorer, select the file(s) you wish to upload and click open. If you have access to multiple clients, please choose the client you wish to upload the files for before uploading. If you have not selected the client, you will receive an error when trying to upload the files.

An Uploads notification will pop-up to show progress and will automatically minimise once the files are fully uploaded.

The files will then show on the Documents grid.

Documents can also be Uploaded by dragging and dropping them onto the portal website - when you drag then drop onto the portal web page, you will see the following image.

Downloading Documents

Select the file and click the Download button to download a file. Multiple files can be selected for download.

After pressing the download button, you will be presented with the usual web browser options for downloading (this will be dependent on the browser being used. Below is the view using Chrome.

Previewing Documents

Preview: Select the file and click the Preview button to view the file online. Preview will display like this:

Most documents are available for preview, but not all documents or files can be previewed. Those that cannot include documents containing macros (i.e. .docm and .xlsm) and software data files. Documents that cannot be previewed will have the preview button disabled.

Example of a document which cannot be previewed.

Assigning Filters to Documents

If you have uploaded a file and need to assign (or reassign) a filter, select the document, then choose the assign option for filters and you will see this window to allow you to select the appropriate filter. By selecting one document and holding down the shift or control key you can select multiple documents to enable assigning filters in bulk.

It is possible to create, rename and delete filters - you can only rename and delete filters that you have created. Any documents under a filter that is deleted will move up one level to the next highest filter.

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